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The data storage challenge:
Data grows exponentially and needs to be stored

Release the VALUE of your data

Regardless of what data or media files you have OR where it resides, transACT can migrate it to the cloud with a fully managed service.

Data 2 Cloud Proof of Concept

Demonstrate the benefits of recovering archive data & media tapes and files and moving them into the cloud with our no charge D2C Proof of Concept (PoC)

How does the PoC work?

Our team will work with you to take a sample of archive data / media and move it into the cloud with our no change D2C Proof of Concept (PoC)

This can be a range of tape or media from any system.

The Data to Cloud PoC is provided on a 50 max tape/media sample.**

What is provided to you?

Sample data recovered and migrated to AWS

Fully Managed Service

Snowball report provided on the data

Full funded, No charge PoC

Data to Cloud PoC

We would be delighted to provide more detail about our Data to Cloud PoC to you.

Just submit the form below and we will contact you at your convenience.

    PoC T&Cā€™s:
    *PoC business case to be submitted for funding
    **Delivery for PoC up to 6 week depending on media, data and encryption formats.
    The customer will need to have a backup/media catalogue and 2nd copy of data