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Aberdeen Event 2023

Technology Showcase Event

This is an exciting time within the workplace technology market. Technologies are evolving quicker than ever, providing innovation to build competitive edge. Join us for an interactive panel event followed by a vendor showcase to demonstrate a range of leading technologies available in the marketplace.

Lunch and complementary bar will be available to all attendees.

Thursday 10th August 2023
11:00am – 3:00pm

Sheffield United FC,
Internation Suite, S2 4SU

Event agenda







Intro – Welcome

Claire Stockman, OCS


Art of the possible

Sam Farrant, transACT Technology Solutions


AWS ‘Just Walkout’

Joao Pedro Santos, AWS


Case Study

Sheffield United FC case study



Question from the OCS audience


Technology Showcase and Networking

Speak and learn from vendors and partners


Close (Food served and bar open at 1pm)

Showcase partners

Aberdeen Event 2023

At transACT Technology Solutions, we believe in the power of innovative technologies by providing intelligent, connected, and cloud-enabled workplaces.

With a focus on authentic user experiences and tangible business benefits, we are committed to delivering unified technologies that enable seamless communication and interaction across all platforms and devices.


Aberdeen Event 2023

ASD Lighting design, develop and manufacture a comprehensive range of lighting products and lighting solutions to the highest standards, with design flair and creativity.

We use the latest manufacturing techniques and provide a comprehensive range of operating options in all our products, in order to meet the exacting demands of customers and the latest building regulations requirements.


Aberdeen Event 2023

Avada Connect is a simple to use, scalable, multi-platform VMS (Video Management System) designed to record, view analyse and manage video footage in real time.

– Connect, manage, and discover 99% of IP video devices.
– Manage existing storage
– Cyber Security
– Multi-user permissions

Avada Connect VMS – CLOUD – IOT – Analytics

Aberdeen Event 2023

Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology enables you to enter a store, grab what you want, and get going without stopping to check out. It leverages the same types of technologies used in self-driving cars: computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning.

Just Walk Out

Aberdeen Event 2023

Store personal belongings, distribute products, rent company resources, and distribute packages with ease using Garran’s innovative locker management software.

Garran offers the best in access and SMART Technology, which can be tailored to your business needs.

Garran designs and manufactures lockers to clients exact functional and aesthetic requirements.


Aberdeen Event 2023

Alto Technologies is a trade-only distributor of technologies for business, public sector, and education spaces.

Increasingly dispersed workforces require intelligent and accessible technology that anybody can use.

Alto Technologies

Aberdeen Event 2023

Manage your coworking and flex workspace.

Automate workflows, streamline operations, support your members, and scale up with Nexudus.

– Bookings & Meeting Room Management
– Scan & manage deliveries
– Visitor Management
– Proposal & documents


Aberdeen Event 2023

Leaders in network cameras and IP networking technologies by combining intelligent technology and human imagination, Axis Communications offer solutions based on sight, sound and analytics to improve security and optimise business performance.


Aberdeen Event 2023

4Sight has developed a range of products using its imaging science platform (known as Autonomous Image Interpretation – AI2), these include a range of industry leading and commercially successful vehicle surveillance products as well as enabling technology supplied to third party (OEM) customers in the automated industrial inspection market, where the use of 4Sight technology confers significant competitive advantage to its users.


Aberdeen Event 2023

Yealink is a global-leading provider of Unified Communication & Collaboration Solutions specialised in video conferencing, voice communications, and collaboration, dedicated to helping every person and organisation embrace the power of “Easy Collaboration, High Productivity”.

Yealink ranks No.1 in the global market share of IP Phone and is the Top 5 leader in the video conferencing market.


Aberdeen Event 2023

Technology cares.

We are your trusted partner, to enable you to be your best.

At OCS ‘CARES’ stands for;

– Communication is key when you are providing support – keeping our customers informed must be a priority for us.​

We are Accountable for how IT is seen by the entire business; we are a big part of the face of IT and sometimes the only IT Team member that our customers will every meet. We need to ensure that we conduct ourselves in a way that reflects positively on ourselves and the entire IT Team. ​

We must be Responsive to the demands and needs of the business, this will become even more important as we continue to merge and expand.​

We must take care to Empathise with our customer base, many times our colleagues will be customer facing and working under tight time frames and huge pressures to deliver a contract or support within the business. This can be a highly stressful environment and we need to keep this in mind. ​

Providing our customers with Solutions to a problem no matter how big or small can have a massive impact on someone’s day. It can help drive profit, efficiency, and motivation to the people we strive to help.

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