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Currently Seeking:

FinOps Cloud Specialist

Permanent, Full-Time
UK & Ireland

The Opportunity

A FinOps Cloud Specialist at transACT Technology Solutions will have the opportunity to help optimise our cloud costs whilst ensuring efficient financial operations. As a FinOps Cloud Specialist, you will play a crucial role in managing and optimising our cloud spending and collaborating with various teams to align financial objectives with operational needs. Together, along with the rest of the Cloud team, we will drive cost savings, maximise value from our cloud services, and support our organisation’s growth and success.

The FinOps Cloud Specialist will:

  • Analysing and monitoring cloud costs, identifying areas of inefficiency, and implementing cost optimisation strategies;
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams, including finance, operations, AWS and development, to establish budgeting processes and cost allocation methods;
  • Providing insights and recommendations to stakeholders regarding cloud spending, budget targets, and cost-saving opportunities.
  • Conducting regular financial analysis and reporting on cloud costs, trends, and variances;
  • Participating in cloud procurement and contract negotiations, ensuring cost-effective agreements and adherence to financial guidelines;
  • Keeping up-to-date with cloud service provider pricing models and industry best practices to drive continuous improvement in FinOps practices;
  • Educating and training teams on FinOps principles, cost awareness, and optimisation techniques;
  • Collaborating with cloud architects and engineers to ensure optimal resource utilisation and cost-effective infrastructure design;
  • Delivering regular reports (Monthly) to tight deadlines.

Company Benefits:

  • We offer a Competitive Salary dependant on your skills and experience;
  • 22 days annual leave p/a (plus bank holidays);
  • Auto-enrolment into Company Pension Scheme;
  • Business related expenses covered;
  • Potential Share Option Scheme;
  • Comprehensive private medical insurance scheme which includes medical, dental, optical and EAP services to ensure your well-being;
  • Professional Development incl. access to ongoing professional development opportunities, including training programs to enhance your skills and knowledge;
  • Annual Employee Recognition Scheme.

Role Requirements:

The right candidate will be an excellent communicator and collaborator with strong problem-solving skills and an ability to think analytically and strategically. They will also be efficient in the following skills & capabilities.

Technical Skills

  • Python Programming
  • SQL DDL and DML.
  • AWS Redshift, EC2, Lambda, IAM, S3
  • AWS Organizations (Consolidated Billing)
  • AWS Cost Explorer, Cost and Usage Reports.
  • Data Analytics Dashboards (Quicksight or similar)
  • ETL Pipelines
  • Excel (Excel formulas)
  • Code Management CI/CD

Experience & Capabilities

  • Experience of maintaining existing production code;
  • Familiar with running a production reporting system;
  • High level of numeracy. Strong quantitative and analytics experience. Ability to understand complex calculations required by FinOps;
  • Attention to detail and capable of delivering complex reports;
  • Strong commercial awareness;
  • An understanding of Cloud pricing model;
  • An understanding of AWS pricing and billing;
  • An understanding of Commitment based pricing e.g. Reserved Instances, Cost Savings Plans;
  • Cloud optimization and Cloud cost management experience.
  • FinOps Tools – previously used CloudCheckr, CloudHealth or similar.


  • Minimum AWS Solutions Architect Associate

The role:

  • Monday to Friday (08:30 – 17:30)
  • Our Office Locations: Dublin, London (Farringdon), St. Albans, Glasgow