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transACT provides a range of cloud services to maximise the benefits of the cloud.

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Cloud Management Solutions

What we offer

Cloud adoption is mainstream and requires a robust set of operation and management processes to ensure that organisations cloud strategies are optimised including consumption, cost efficiencies, process and governance.

transACT’s specialist cloud practice has helped numerous enterprise businesses assess, plan, move and manage cloud. The team has extensive in-house knowledge and accredited amongst others. Our seasoned cloud experts align IT to address our client’s business objectives whilst improving processes, reducing costs and meeting regulatory compliance. With every project we assess and deliver against specific requirements to ensure our clients gain the maximum benefits of hybrid cloud models as part of IT and business strategies.

This includes initial detection and assessment around current cloud infrastructure and documented recommendations regard optimisation of resources as well as security and governance.

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cloud storage and migration

Cloud Storage
& Migration

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transACT is one of the fastest growing cloud practices in the UK providing end-to-end cloud services and delivering industry first solutions to market.

transACT has an international team of cloud practitioners and subject matter experts providing best-in-class experience and innovation. Our methodology and cloud managed service offerings provide businesses the cost and operational efficiencies of cloud as part of a control and governance framework.

Case Studies

Cloud optimisation and 20% reduction in costs for Dialectica.

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Discover how AWS storage migration drives business efficiency for Lexhag Visual Effects.

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transACT helped Simple Online Healthcare build their cloud strategy, including data analytics and cloud management.

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First to Invest sought to address the challenge of delivering millions of data feeds to their customers faster, easier, and with reduced costs.

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Ted Baker consulted with long-term IT partner transACT to define migrating storage to cloud for the global business.

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Landmark sought workspaces to provide the best technology and facilities across five floors.

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Discover how we helped OCS to upgrade its collaboration and communication systems.

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Tipperary required a solution to enable a hybrid model for council meetings and wider collaboration.

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PMS resolved data and security compliancy whilst reducing the time and resources.

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VR-EP addressed their current on-premises architecture and hardware to enable growth.

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Data 2 Cloud

Restore data and migrate it from the backup system that created it. We can restore media without using the original hardware or software, providing your data in an accessible format. Recovering and process data utilising either our ISO certified facilities or on-site, then migrate directly into AWS.

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transACT Technology Solutions (FaaS)

transACT FaaS (FinOps as a Service) platform brings together technology, business and finance teams by simplifying the financial complexity of cloud management. Providing automated monthly reporting of cloud spend and usage, and actionable recommendations to help reduce costs and increase value from.

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transACT Technology Solutions (TCMP)

transACT Cloud Management Portal provides over 550 best practice checks delivered against a customers cloud environment. These include security, compliance, cost management, utilisation and performance standards.

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transACT Technology Solutions (Vision)

TCMP Vision helps customers visualise their organisation’s operational and security tagging policy, within their AWS environment. Adhering to compliance best practices.

Cloud Readiness

Assess where you are in your cloud journey and deep dive into technologies.

Cloud Readiness

Cloud Storage & Migration

Move data into the cloud with a range of services from a highly accredited team of storage architects.

As data and company data assets continual to grow exponentially, the transACT Cloud Services Team have a specialist practice that has helped numerous enterprise organisations plan and adapt to meet the data and storage demands on their businesses.

cloud storage and migration

Data Analytics

Optimise and add value to your data with analytics that add actionable insights.

Businesses are producing new structured and unstructured data every day. The data is valuable information that can serve customers, discover new opportunities, and take your business to the next level.

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transACT Cloud Management

Cloud Management provides organisations centralised governance for multi-cloud platforms. With the benefits of cloud also comes an increase in costs and risk across the business. TCMP is a solution that helps an entire organisation shift from a centralised control model to FinOps framework delivering shared accountability, control and governance.

It provides organisations one single pane of glass to manage all resources and allow Finance, Operational, Security & DevOps teams to manage capacity, waste and operations through one management portal

Cloud Management Solutions
cloud mangement portal

transACT Cloud Management Portal (TCMP)

From your applications and services, we define and recommend the IT model in the cloud

TCMP Vision

TCMP Vision

Developing an end-to-end business plan for your complete cloud infrastructure



Implementation of migrations and advisory with minimal impact

cloud billing management

Cloud Billing Management

Range of services including our transACT Cloud Management Portal


transACT have a suite of cloud services on AWS Marketplace to help businesses maximise cloud investments.

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We sought out best-in-class providers around data recovery and storage solutions to ensure Lexhag have a best-in-class data strategy for the future.

We unlocked a huge range of opportunities with new prospects by utilising transACT for AWS Data Exchange.

The most important business need for us was flexibility, in order to grow quickly. AWS provided us with affordable flexibility to support our business growth, Ted Baker now has a seamless storage solution. Our customers around the business felt no negative impact, and no changes to their workflows were required

transACT have worked with us on our end-to-end cloud strategy, this incorporates cost, consumption, process, security and governance into a FinOps model.

As part of this, we implemented transACT Cloud Management Portal (TCMP) and now use one interface to manage our multi-cloud platforms, which has been incredibly powerful for us.

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