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AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalogue that simplifies software provisioning, and makes it easy for customers to find, buy and deploy software products.


What we offer

transACT can have a suite of cloud services available on AWS marketplace that provide governance, visibility and control.

With flexible consumption and pricing models, it’s easy to find, test, buy and deploy a wide range of ready-to-run software.


transACT AWS
Marketplace Services:

transACT have a suite of cloud services on AWS Marketplace to help businesses maximise value against their cloud investments.

These industry-leading data and cloud management tools deliver against AWS best-practice and governance models whilst providing deep analytical insights providing organisations complete visibility and control.


transACT Cloud Management Portal

transACT's Cloud Management Portal (TCMP) makes over 600 checks across key cloud infrastructure areas providing management through a single pane of glass, including: cost optimisation, best practices, security, compliance, inventory and utilisation.

TCMP FaaS: Cloud

TCMP Faas provides cost control and governance to drive organisational behaviour. Faas empowers collaboration between technology stakeholders, business and finance teams by simplifying cloud management's financial complexity.

Cloud Best

transACT is accredited by AWS to provide Well-Architected reviews to help validate adherence to cloud best practice, identify and provide remediation where needed, and ensure your workloads are secure, resilient and efficient.

Next steps

Book a call with one of our Cloud Specialists who can provide further detail on the Assessment and deliverables.

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