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Data Analytics

Driving business insights with Data Analytics in the Cloud.

What we offer

Businesses are producing new structured and unstructured data every day. The data is valuable information that can serve customers, discover new opportunities, and take your business to the next level.

transACT’s team of Cloud experts and accredited Big Data specialists enables your business to transform data into actionable insights and deliver valued business . We have the expertise to help you, step by step, to assess, plan and implement your next Big Data and analytics project.

On-Demand Data Analytics

Build an entire analytics application to power your business in minutes on demand. Therefore you can process big data workloads in less time and more cost-effectively.

Data Lakes

Securely store all of your data in one place and catalogue the data to a produce a broad set of processing and analytical engines.


Use Machine Learning to easily add predictive capabilities to your applications. Ingest data from social media or other sources in real time and use Machine Learning to generate predictions on that data.

Real-time Analysis

Improve your customer's business agility with real-time data and analytics presented in seconds. Collect, process, analyse, and visualise data insights in real-time.

Event-driven Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

Perform data transformations - filter, sort, join, aggregate and more - on new and existing data for interactive query and analysis.

Data Warehousing

Optimise query performance and reduce costs by deploying your data warehousing architecture in the cloud.

Take your data
to the next level

transACT deliver benefits to optimise your data


Broad & Deep

A broad and deep environment means you can build virtually any Big Data application and support any workload regardless of volume, velocity, and variety of data. collect, store, process, analyse and visualise Big Data in the cloud.



Most Big Data technologies require large clusters of servers resulting in long provisioning, Licensing, upfront costs and setup cycles. Deploy and scale the infrastructure you need almost instantly with no upfront costs. This means your teams can develop and implement solutions to bring to market.


Trusted &

transACT work to cloud best practices and provides capabilities across facilities, network, software, and business processes so that you can deploy the strictest of security requirements. Assurance programs are available for you to help prove compliance.

Next steps

Book a call with one of our Cloud Specialists who can provide further detail on the Assessment and deliverables.

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