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Cloud Billing Management

transACT’s billing management service can provide you with immediate cloud cost savings without affecting your account or relationship with AWS.


What we offer

Take advantage of transACT’s shrink-wrapped billing services. With a hassle free, straightforward set up your business could immediately take advantage of lower AWS rates and gain access to:

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    No change to engagement model

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    Management of your AWS bill

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    Extended payment terms

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    Exclusive partner-only savings plan

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    TCMP (transACT Cloud Management Portal)

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    TCMP FaaS (FinOps as a Service)

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    TCMP Vision

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    Certification training

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    Dedicated technical & commercial account management



cost savings




Support Savings


Cloud Optimisation


Remove account &
billing overhead

How it works

Transferring billing management to transACT is a one-step process. Simply send us your account ID and we will do the rest. There are no changes to your AWS account and your AWS account team remains the same. AWS re-routes invoicing through transACT and with immediate effect, your business can take advantage of our partner led discounts.

TCMP (transACT Cloud Management Portal)

TCMP delivers next generation cloud management and governance portal for even the most complex multi-cloud environments.

TCMP delivers total visibility of your cloud environment including resourcing and costs whilst providing over 550 security and compliance checks against cloud best practices.

TCMP FaaS (FinOps as a Service)

FaaS lets you implement cost control and governance which will drive organisation al behaviour.

FaaS empowers collaboration between technology, business and finance teams by simplifying the financial complexity of cloud management. It enables organisations to develop financial insights that add value for their cloud environment.

When transACT presented their offering & described what additional benefits they would supply in addition to my current service from AWS with savings, I had to ask, what's the catch? It turns out there were none!

Next steps

Book a call with one of our Cloud specialists who can provide further detail on the assessment and deliverables.

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